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Black Arts Casting Ltd

Our Staffordshire based foundry primarily uses lost wax casting with a number of modern twists and a deep understanding of the metals and processes to achieve some of the best results possible in today’s casting world.
Having grown from traditional gold smithing we naturally have a keen eye for quality and detail.
We have developed these processes over many years to enable us to transfer a jewellery quality finish onto whatever object we cast. We also understand the need for sustainability and profitability and we are willing to invest our time and expertise to help our customers succeed.

Our casting is based upon a complete understanding all of the available science and technology that is required to complete a truly excellent cast. We ensure a casting profile that will give you the cleanest and densest castings for your models within your specified tolerance or budget.

Lost wax casting is singly the most complex way in which to cast an object, it’s benefits are the ability to cast extremely complex forms very close to finished net shape with close maintenance of dimensions and surface textures.
Many casters simply operate equipment and ‘hope for the best’ at your expense. Our experience and skills allow us to cast reliably, rapidly and cost effectively.

Every piece of work we conduct is guaranteed 100%
We charge for a quality product that is based on its own merits and not on what we believe a customer could potentially pay. Our transparent pricing means we don’t charge above market value for the metal we use and customers are also welcome to supply their own standard metals should they wish. Although all quotes have to be tailored to the project in hand this is purely logistical and representative of the models being cast. We consider both large runs and one off casting commissions and we are happy to discuss pricing options.

Black Arts Casting operate on a full non-disclosure basis with every customer. We will never release your moulds and/or finished goods to a third party or use them ourselves in any way including within our own literature without express permission. We will however release a customers moulds back to the customer by request and without any fees. Non-disclosure contracts are encouraged to ensure peace of mind if required.

We complete work for many famous high street brands and manufacturers.